SMI in Missouri



  • Individuals with SMI continue to be sentenced to death and executed in Missouri and throughout the United States. 
  • Among the 47 men executed in Missouri since 2000, 19.8% suffered from SMI - this does not include those who were never diagnosed. 
  • National Mental Health America estimates that 20% of inmates on death row have an SMI.

Cecil Clayton

Cecil Clayton; mental illness; traumatic brain injury; death penalty; Missouri

  • Cecil Clayton was convicted for the murder of a Barry County sheriff in 1996. 

  • Cecil had a family and was a well-functioning member of society until a sudden industrial accident. He lost 20% of his frontal lobe. His IQ prior to the accident was 99. At the time of execution, it was 71 - just over the 70 standard to be declared mentally incompetent.

  • The Missouri Supreme Court refused to entertain counsel’s request for a hearing related to Cecil’s competency for execution. He was executed on March 17, 2015.